Key West Boat Rental

In 2017, I designed and developed a website for Key West Boat Rental, a private boat charter rental company in Key West, Florida. The design focused on mobile accessibility and prominently displaying contact information, since the task of renting a boat is often undertaken while on vacation.


What We Offer

Boat Specs

Baylor Heart and Vascular Hospital

In 2011, at NorthPoint Domain, Inc. I developed a new information architecture and design system for Baylor Heart and Vascular Hospital. The updated IA created distinct user journeys for patients and families versus medical professionals. I designed and coded a responsive homepage and a suite of page templates that could be flexibly used to meet the changing needs of a growing hospital.



Secondary Page


Physician Bio


Content Page


David Owsley Museum of Art

From 2006–2008, I worked as a designer at the David Owsley Museum of Art at Ball State University while I completed my master’s degree in Telecommunications (Digital Storytelling). I managed the museum’s website, designed and developed microsites, produced exhibition graphics and guides, coordinated advertising campaigns, and assisted in exhibition construction and art handling. The museum was also the inspiration for my thesis.

Exhibition Poster

Engaging Technology, Poster

Newspaper Ad

Japanese Art from the Floating World, Ad

Exhibition Viewing Guide

American Studio Ceramics, Viewing Guide

Collection Microsite

Ball Family Collection, Microsite

Exhibition Microsite

Japanese Art from the Floating World and Amida Buddha, Microsite